Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Montebello Natives the time has come

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Dear concerned residents of Montebello,

Dear concerned residents of Montebello,
I have recently been releasing information about Mr Jack Hiajidean, who we unfortunately here in Montebello refer to him as Mayor, hopefully it will only be for a few weeks more and then no more.

I have known the Mayor Jack Hadjinian for over ten years and had turned a blind eye to a lot of my intuitions in which I had about getting to know what Jack was doing outside of just putting on the disguise of a so called respected con-man with the best intention for the City. When in fact, he had disappointed me like many politicians have done for years at Montebello city hall. 

Jack has a dark secret and a hidden agenda as to why he was put office. This man has involved in illegal gaming going on for the rich, does bribery, attempts to threaten and intimidate people who do not support him, has been doing money laundering with convicted criminals of this nature and continues to get away with it while our community needs and demands still have not being met. The corruption goes so deep and it is right in front of our noses, I felt I had to be a Montebello whistle blower to the whole Jack plan because I know how dishonest he has been to the people of Montebello for years and it needs to stop.

I grew up in Montebello, my family and friends still live here and all I want is what is best for our kids and our community.

The DOCUMENTED deals and negotiations we have read about and some of us know there is more that has not been written, is only one of many reasons why we need to get him out of office and into the court of law for the fraud and scheming that we know he is constantly doing and a total disregards to the people of Montebello.

I have decided to use my artistic style to inform and bring about awareness to the community. It's time we speak out as one voice and by our vote and unite to say:  MONTEBELLO NO JACK, and HIT THE ROAD JACK...

Monday, September 14, 2015



  • dear mayor its time to hit the road jack-// seen ya sticker up researched you getting cold facts-// Mayor Jack hijidean give those mills you stole back-// we know about you oil fields n getting to own land-// from taylor park ranch to Newport beach-// hundreds of acres of oil fields that you got on lease-// signin secret agreements abusing ya power-// wit documented relationships wit criminals and cowards-// bribery money laundering n fraud-// seems to be the pattern of people involed-// wit what you got goin on . -// example assemblyman Tom Calderon-//indicted 2014 for luaunderin wit his brother Ron-// still doin wit Chuck- the family ties is evident-// its already published we got all the evidence-// recievin money from John Noguez- no denying it-//caz public record proved you were lyin quick-//Same wit Salari another known criminal -//n you acceptin money from these known crminials ??-//gave 3.5 million to Michael Manasian-// through a settlement agreement wit Garfield financial Corporation-.. stated youd be waving a statement- the hired attorney called extremely weak but you still waved it-..cuz Michael's son moe was the head of your political campaign'in- you snaking n fakin n takin // hit the road jack I lost my patients=//  another republican -scheming in the government-.// when we all wonderin - where the money went ? -.. // man!! when the arrow points to you as the villain-// sellin public land for 1.5 million-//wit land you promised for low income house buildings!// a mayor should be givin not stealin from the children.. so tell me how it feels behind the door deals-//so tell me how it feels-you already stole mills-.// We know about your deals -.//in the Montebello Hills-//Hijidians give back those millions you stole back for real-//we need change now we cant wait later-// a mayor ? nah a corperate game player-// a mayor nah a fraudulent bankster gangsta-//that's the only way for me to describe ya behavior-//so do us  a favor n hit da road jack -// we gonna get our justice soon-just hope you get ya soul back-//