Monday, September 14, 2015



  • dear mayor its time to hit the road jack-// seen ya sticker up researched you getting cold facts-// Mayor Jack hijidean give those mills you stole back-// we know about you oil fields n getting to own land-// from taylor park ranch to Newport beach-// hundreds of acres of oil fields that you got on lease-// signin secret agreements abusing ya power-// wit documented relationships wit criminals and cowards-// bribery money laundering n fraud-// seems to be the pattern of people involed-// wit what you got goin on . -// example assemblyman Tom Calderon-//indicted 2014 for luaunderin wit his brother Ron-// still doin wit Chuck- the family ties is evident-// its already published we got all the evidence-// recievin money from John Noguez- no denying it-//caz public record proved you were lyin quick-//Same wit Salari another known criminal -//n you acceptin money from these known crminials ??-//gave 3.5 million to Michael Manasian-// through a settlement agreement wit Garfield financial Corporation-.. stated youd be waving a statement- the hired attorney called extremely weak but you still waved it-..cuz Michael's son moe was the head of your political campaign'in- you snaking n fakin n takin // hit the road jack I lost my patients=//  another republican -scheming in the government-.// when we all wonderin - where the money went ? -.. // man!! when the arrow points to you as the villain-// sellin public land for 1.5 million-//wit land you promised for low income house buildings!// a mayor should be givin not stealin from the children.. so tell me how it feels behind the door deals-//so tell me how it feels-you already stole mills-.// We know about your deals -.//in the Montebello Hills-//Hijidians give back those millions you stole back for real-//we need change now we cant wait later-// a mayor ? nah a corperate game player-// a mayor nah a fraudulent bankster gangsta-//that's the only way for me to describe ya behavior-//so do us  a favor n hit da road jack -// we gonna get our justice soon-just hope you get ya soul back-//

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